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Posted on 07-25-2014


Here is some information about the drug culture in America. You can click on the link or simply read the below transcript. This is why we feel that Chiropractic is so important.

I'm Bryant Gumbel with a question:

What are we supposed to do with Alex Rodriguez  embrace him? Pity Him?

Scorn him? I can easily understand any or all those reactions because Ithink is a liar

 and a fraud. What I don't understand are the expressions of shock and outrage over his alleged

drug use because frankly this country is crazy about drugs. Modern Americans reach for a

drug for any and everything for problems real and imagined.

It's why we consume more pills than any other nation on earth and why TV ads

are relentlessly selling us Xarelto,  Abilify, Stelara, Pradaxa,

and dozens of other drugs we never even guessed we supposedly need

Americans are only about five percent of the world's population yet

we take eighty percent the world's painkillers and whopping ninety nine

percent the world's Vicoden.

With four million kids on Ritalin, 22 million women on anti-depressants, over 30 million adults on

 sleeping pills,  32 million on statins and

45 million on  another drug I can't even begin to pronounce the list goes on

and on and all so think what you will of Alex Rodriguez but

when so many moms and dads are active parts of the national drug epidemic

let's stop crying that ball players the one setting a bad example for kids.

Let's skip the expressions of outrage in shock, because however you may choose to

view A-Rod’s alleged drug use there's no denying the ugly reality  that's become the American way

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